Wednesday, October 1, 2008

crossfit century

i had to dig up this old picture of myself with freddy c, from a level 1 cert last january at the former crossfit HQ in santa cruz. my friend freddy, from crossfit one world in union city made this hilarious video of his crew completing 'century gone bad' a.k.a. 'crossfit century'.

"Crossfit Century"
On the minute every minute for 100 minutes:

- 1 ounce of beer

- 1 pull-up
Freddy takes an awesome approach to training and life, train hard, play hard!
tuesday, september 30, 2008
back squat 5-5-5-5-5
comments: my back squats suck, big time. i started to feel that slight pain from when i did my 1 rep max in august and thought i gave myself a hernia, so i stopped at 145. i wish i wasn't so scared as 145 was pretty easy and i think i could have gotten to 155x5. oh well rather be safe then sorry. also legs pretty sore from fran.
pre: wux2
post: chest to bar pull-up practice
food: totally on point! i honestly believe not getting pants shitting drunk every weekend is helping with my over all training! what a notion eh? ;-)

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Jesse Ward said...

I googled the CrossFit Century and you're blog came up first... That's funny. Hope you're doing great and that everything is well - are you gonna be at Rainier in Jan?