Friday, September 26, 2008

actively resting

active rest is a popular term among us crossfitters. i'm working to incorporate more active rests into my training cycles. normally when a crossfit rest day comes up, i either make up a wod i missed or just come up with some insane workout on my own. this often backfires as i end up very sore or with other nagging issues like tendinitis. it's tough as my training schedule is usually 6 on one off (saturday-thursday, rest friday back on sat-thursday). that's a heavy training week, I think I function better on a 4 on 1 off 1 on 1 off (monday-thursday, rest friday, on saturday, rest sunday) and it also gives me a full day (sunday) to myself with no work, no training, just nothing. when i do workout on sunday's it is usually due to boredom, i just love being in the gym! so what is considered 'active rest'? a lite run, lite row, biking, hiking, playing, working on handstands etc. all things i do need to work on! this sunday is supposed to be nice, hopefully i will find something fun and active to do outside on one of the last nice days of the year! the picture above was taken from my condo in august. i'm really going to miss those summer sunsets.

thursday, september 25, 2008

crossfit rest day:

i used it as my active rest for once!

5k run on treadmill- i didn't even time it. just ran at a nice easy pace.

skill work:

2x of 50 foot handstand walk

2x25 ghd sit-ups


physical therapy exercises

1 round of cfwu


totally on point today. didn't even wake up hungry once!

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