Monday, September 29, 2008

i love jerks

breakfast has to be my favorite meal of the day. i repeatedly hit snooze on my alarm for a good 30min-1 hour because i just can't bear the thought of getting up and going to my boring job, sitting there all day and dealing with clients and their stupid questions. every morning i wake up and know that i have to get through 8 hours at the museum then workout (my "me" time) then work another 2-4 hours training my clients. i love training my clients, i really do but some days i am just so worn out from already working an 8 hour day and training myself that i just want to go home. i need to figure something out, quickly. anyway, my point being every morning i hear that alarm and think, ugh back to boring mof. the one thing that helps me get out of bed is realizing i get to eat breakfast and drink my 2 cups of coffee! breakfast is the most important (and delicious) meal of the day! above is my zoned breakfast. egg beaters, 2 slices turkey bacon, a dab of salsa, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 an apple and of corse coffee!

anyway, i had a very productive weekend. ordered new furniture, cleaned out and organized the cabinets in my bathroom, and did some serious retail therapy. between all that i had time to squeeze in some good workouts.

friday, september 26, 2008

30 muscle-ups for time

i don't have rings so subbed 120 pull-ups and 120 dips, broke them down into 12 sets of 10pu/10 dips. i was super sore from nicole which slowed me down a bit.

time: 21:23

food: zoned very well, had dinner out with the girls. chicken mole and 2 pork tacos. nice cheat meal but didn't feel too badly about it.

saturday, september 27, 2008

took a full rest day

7 consecutive days on and surprisingly i feel pretty good. made myself rest, went to work then did some me things, like shopping and getting my hair done, followed by dinner with the girls at my favorite italian restaurants. i enjoyed a caprese salad, and tagliatelle with ragu. so good. passed on the wine and bread, again all in all i don't feel so bad about my meals this weekend! came home and had two patron's with lime. heh.

sunday, september 28, 2008

Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5 reps

95-105-110-115(f on 5th rep)-115 (PR)


post: pt exercises

comments: i was so pissed i missed 115 on the 5th rep, so got angry and made it happen on the 5th try. it's amazing how anger can help with workouts. all i have to do is look at one person in particular and i'm fuming. so thank you, mr. fuckhead for getting me angry enough to pr.

food: on point again today, i'm so proud i didn't cheat all that much this weekend. spent the day shopping for furniture, art, and apartment stuff. it was great to have a day to myself to decompress.

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